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    Apple MagSafe battery pack is everything you need to provide extra power for your iPhone 12 chosen model. It has a rectangular design that matches the shape of the ‌iPhone‌, and perfectly aligned magnets keep it firmly attached. When you are charging your iPhone 12 model on the go, the MagSafe battery pack provides the power of up to 5W. But if you connect it to a 20W or higher power source, it can charge your phone with up to 15W of power. Charge your iPhone 12 quickly and safely and get more time for use with the original Apple MagSafe battery pack.

    – Original Apple MagSafe battery pack is specially designed for iPhone 12‌ models
    – MagSafe battery pack can charge your iPhone with up to 5W of power
    – Charging starts automatically without a need to turn it on
    – For wireless charging up to 15W, just connect it with a Lightning cable (not included)
    – Charge MagSafe Battery Pack and iPhone simultaneously with a higher than 20W power adapter (not included)
    – MagSafe battery pack is pocketable and easy to carry while you are on the go
    – It’s made of high-quality plastic with a matte finish that improves grip
    – A slim rectangular design that matches the shape of the ‌iPhone‌
    – Perfectly aligned magnets keep the MagSafe battery pack firmly attached
    – MagSafe battery pack is compatible with Apple MagSafe cases

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