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New Species is a tech shop operating in Rwanda since 2017, Selling very latest, unique, reliable and high quality electronics both used and brand new. Ranging from Smart phones, Computers, speakers to phone accessories that matches your style.
Like many great ideas usually comes in unusual way, his love of advanced technology started at early age when he would sneak into neighboring university all of that to use their computers, he always had a one question in mind, how can I make this available to everyone.
With that push, he worked different jobs, Street Disk burners, photography to name few with aim of raising money to start a very unique shop, which will make advanced technology available to everyone in Rwanda,
After few years of hard work and savings all that paid off as in 2017, NEW SPECIES was born little but with aim of spreading wings across the country. At the moment company has one location with opening second one in the near future.
2017 marked the beginning of a challenging journey yet exciting journey to availing compelling gadgets that would seem impossible to get on the local market, which will transform lives and how people see technologies.
New Species founded by then young man but now a husband CYIZA PACIFIQUE with love and passion for advanced technologies. This brought a sense of responsibility to contribute to the digitalization of Rwandans by availing latest techs at an affordable price to connecting Rwandans with gadgets that accommodates their budgets also matching their needs and style.
With taking pride in social impact and working with the local community, NEW SPICIES creates full –time employment to a number of young people. Being honest, it’s not easy to get products on the local market which sometimes includes traveling far from homeland to get products which will make life much easier to Rwandans at affordable price to keep company aims to provide latest technology and matching clients style to an affordable price, as we like to say “affordable luxury”
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